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Amazing scar covering tattoos

Tattoos can be for healing 

I may eventually do this with my elbow scar.

This post almost made me cry

I’m in the process of covering self harm scars with all my favorite comic heroes. Comics saved me as a child, and continue to do so as an adult. They are a constant reminder that I can be something great, even if I am just a regular person. All I have to do is believe I can be great.

*I am well aware that most comic heroes have super powers; but i think of them as metaphors for the struggle they had to endure and the ways they overcome them. Example: Iron Man aka Tony Stark, lived in his father’s shadow his entire childhood, expected to become a genius and carry on his father’s legacy. He did just that and so much more. He wears his suit not only as a tangible, physical awareness that he can exceed expectation, but that he can save worlds, including his own on mostly wit and perseverance.
Batman: Bruce Wayne lost his parents on a dark night in a dark alley to a lone gunman who was just trying to come by a little more wealth than he had. When he became Batman, he faced every fear he had ever had to try and save a city that needed saving as much as he did; someone to pull it from darkness to face light. He created a persona that would usually be encased in darkness to find the light within himself, and project it outwards.

Superman: Although he is ‘technically’ an alien, he survived the destruction of an entire planet and still came out on top. he is the embodiment of survival if I ever saw one. In my opinion, he was nothing more than a child of the universe who believed hard enough that he could be anything; be invincible, and did it.

Kay, I’m done now. Peace.

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Seung-Hwan Oh | On Tumblr

Seung-Hwan Oh works and lives in Seoul, where he was born and raised until moving to New York where he studied film and photography at CUNY Hunter College. His work and practice stem from his interest and approach toward other disciplinary thoughts and ideas, from philosophy to sciences. His most recent work, exhibited at Zaha Museum, was inspired by the notion of the first advent of vision in life on earth, and his current work focuses on implementing microbial growth on film as a means to explore the impermanence of matter as well as the material limitations of photography.

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Dreamlike Photography By Rosie Hardy      on flickr

Rosie Hardy is a worldwide photographer based in Manchester, UK, and you are really lucky if you live near her, because she is offering workshops to those interested in learning her photography techniques, and believe me, from what we’ve seen, there are lots of things to learn.

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